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Brief review

AVS makes quite a few video editing tools, so this developer is no stranger to user-friendly interfaces. AVS Video ReMaker comes with an intuitive interface that doesn’t require users to read through many manual pages or ask for help. Icons and simple explanations litter the interface, and this makes video editing with ReMaker easy for all.


The best thing about AVS Video ReMaker is that it provides users with a great deal of flexibility. Users have complete control over every aspect of video editing from language to sound. This is one of the few editing tools that can boast so much user control, and control over a video that you’re editing is always a positive thing.

Main Function

Sometimes, it takes AVS Video ReMaker awhile to convert and edit films (especially high definition films). However, this is a solid editing tool that is hard to beat. You can expect high quality editing, complete editorial control, and many different personalization options. You can also expect AVS Video ReMaker to work right the first time, which is something that many other editors of this type can’t claim.

Extra Features

This suite includes a burner, editor, and converter in one package. Often, video editors are lacking when it comes to features, but this isn’t the case with AVS Video ReMaker.


For $39.95, AVS Video ReMaker is a great editing tool that’s not too expensive. Considering that other editing tools are in the $100 range, this is an ideal option for users of all levels.

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Reviewed by Harriette Halepis
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